The importance of a user-friendly interface in a website

As both a Web Developer and a User Experience Designer I have learned the way content is presented on a website is equally important as the content itself. Sure having a website with great information and spectacular features should be great, but what happens when the user can’t find the information they are looking for? Or use the feature you worked so hard on? That’s where a user-friendly interface comes into place!

What is the interface?

The interface is everything the user sees when they enter a website, for instance, how the content is organized and labeled or what type of buttons and colors are used. The user interface is one of the main contributors to website traffic, as good visuals draw people in, but a good interface keeps them. People generally do not want to spend time on a website if it is confusing and hard to use.  

What does a good user-friendly interface look like?


The interface of a website must not only be simple but it needs to be intuitive, as people have instincts that come into play based on visual design. Have you ever asked yourself where do you usually look for the log-in button when you go into a website? Most log-in buttons or links are located at the top right corner of the webpage; that is because good user friendly-interfaces follow some conventions and things that are considered norms for a website. Users are used to looking for the log-in button on the top-right corner, thus, if your website changes that the user might not be able to find it.

Additionally, don’t let anything to guessing, you want to have clear labels and buttons so the user knows exactly where to find what they are looking for. If I see a button that says booking on a hotel reservation website, I expect it to send me to the bookings page.

Finally, when possible filter your content. Having a lot of information on your website also means the user has to go through many pages before they can find what they are looking for. Thus, you want to give them the chance to filter what they are looking for so only relevant information is displayed and they get to what they are looking for faster.


In the end, the goal of a good website is to allow users to find information or perform certain tasks quickly. We don’t want users to spend hours on our website, but we want the time they spend to be meaningful and worth their time.

Want to see more examples of good user-friendly interfaces? Check the link below