Nightwood Preview

Nightwood Theatre Redesign - Freelance

For this Freelance project, a fellow teammate and I completely re-designed and restructured Nightwood Theatre’s existing website by migrating it to a Wordpress managed site.

Technologies: Wordpress, CSS

Mad Events

For this project, my team and I created Mad Events, a PHP based event planning application that facilitates the process of planning, inviting, and sharing events.

Roles: Team Leader, Developer (Create Event and Invite Friends features)

Technologies: PHP, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

St.Joseph's General Hospital Re-Design Preview

St.Joseph's General Hospital Website

For this project, my team and I re-designed the content structure and design of the St. Joseph’s General Hospital Website, as well as created newly and improved features using ASP.NET and MVC 5.

Role: Team Leader, Developer (Appointment Records and Patient Forum features)

Technologies: ASP.NET, MVC 5, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Artist Tracker Preview

Artist Tracker

For this individual project, I created The Artist Tracker; a simple application that uses APIs to allow users to follow their favourite musical artists and keep up with their latest YouTube videos and content in one place.

Technologies: Spotify API, YouTube API, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


Jungle Food Mockup

Jungle Food

For this project, my team and I used HTML and JavaScript to conceptualize and create a jungle-themed restaurant website that had a variety of food and challenges, while maintaining a simple and cohesive concept.

Roles: Lead Designer, Developer (About and Careers pages)

Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS