Jungle Food

Live Website



Lead Designer, Developer (About and Careers page)

Technologies used

HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


For this project, my team and I used HTML and JavaScript to conceptualize and create a jungle-themed restaurant website that had a variety of food and challenges, while maintaining a simple and cohesive concept.

The Lead Designer Role

As the lead designer, my role in this project was to come up with the overall look of the website, and translate that design into a template that all my teammates could easily add their content to.

Through the process of creation, I researched common layouts for similar themes as ours. Once I had a clear idea of what elements to incorporate I created the layout which was easily adaptable and could hold about any type of content. In the end, by following this layout my team created a website that was cohesive and visually appealing.

Page Mock-up Design

The About and Careers pages

As a developer, I was in charge of the about page and careers page. As these were pages with very important and extensive content I focused on creating a simple interface guided by images and boxes that would toggle open and expand on the information. Through this approach, I managed to create pages that were visually driven but had all the information needed in a way that was not overwhelming.