The importance of a user-friendly interface in a website

As both a Web Developer and a User Experience Designer I have learned the way content is presented on a website is equally important as the content itself. Sure having a website with great information and spectacular features should be great, but what happens when the user can’t find the information they are looking for? Or use the feature you worked so hard on? That’s where a user-friendly interface comes into place!

What is the interface?

The interface is everything the user sees when they enter a website, for instance, how the content is organized and labeled or what type … See more

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From User Experience Designer to Full Stack Web Developer

Back in September of 2019, I decided to join the Web Development Certificate Program at Humber College and in the past few months, I have transitioned from a user experience designer to a full stack web developer. However, through the process, I have discovered the many differences between these two roles and the importance and balance between both of them.

Focusing on the visual aspect and interaction

As a user experience designer, my focus was on user research and interface design. The process consisted of ideation of solutions, wireframes, and high fidelity prototypes with user interviews and tests every step … See more

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