Artist Tracker

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Technologies used

Spotify API, YouTube API, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


The Artist Tracker is a simple application that uses APIs to allow users to follow their favorite musical artists and keep up with their latest YouTube videos and content in one place. Users sign-in using Spotify and get a list of the artists they already follow on Spotify with the option to track any of them. If the user presses track, they have access to the latest 6 videos related to that artist pulled directly from YouTube in order of relevancy. Thus, the content provided is not restricted to music videos but can include interviews, and other related videos. This individual project, although simplistic explores the usefulness and potential of APIs as it incorporates Spotify’s tailored user information with YouTube to allow users to keep up with their favorite artists’ newest content in one place.

How the APIs work together

Preview of artist list

The application implements a Spotify API in the sign-in process which prompts the user to authenticate themselves and grant the application access to their individual Spotify account data. With access to this information, the application generates a list of artists directly from the user’s Spotify account that can immediately be tracked without the need to add them manually. Using the YouTube API the application pulls the 6 more relevant videos of each artist and allows the user to see their videos directly on the application.